25 products

Supply Voltage (V)

Output Type

Frequency Min (MHz)

Frequency Max (MHz)

Frequency Stability (ppm)

Operating Temperature (°C)

XO3225AL-25MHz-A3.3 VCMOS25.0 MHz25.0 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO3225SLD2-ET3.3 VLVDS10.0 MHz250.0 MHz50.0 ppm-20 to +70
XO5300AJ_series1.8, 2.5, 3.3 VLVPECL, LVDS, CML, HCSL15.0 MHz2100.0 MHz25.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO7500AO-50MHz-A3.3 VCMOS50.0 MHz50.0 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO7500AC-140MHz-A5.0 VCMOS140.0 MHz140.0 MHz15.0 ppm-40 to +85
ETXO5300I-32.768KHz-A1.5 to 3.7 VCMOS32.768 KHz32.768 KHz175 ppm-55 to +200
XO2520S-UHS-25MHz-A2.5 VCMOS25.0 MHz25.0 MHz10.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO2520S-33.33MHz-A3.3 VCMOS33.33 MHz33.33 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO7500A-16MHz-A3.3 VHCMOS16.0 MHz16.0 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO7500A-25MHz-A3.3 VHCMOS25.0 MHz25.0 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO7500AC-25MHz-B3.3 VHCMOS25.0 MHz25.0 MHz15.0 ppm0 to +70
XO7500AC-50MHz-A3.3 VHCMOS50.0 MHz50.0 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO7500S-25MHz-B3.3 VCMOS25.0 MHz25.0 MHz25.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO7500R-16MHz-A3.3CMOS16.0 MHz16.0 MHz25.0 ppm-40 to +85
HPXO7500I Series1.8, 2.5, 3.3 VCMOS1.0 MHz50.0 MHz50.0 ppm-50 to 100
XO7500S-14.7456MHz-A3.3 VCMOS14.7456 MHz14.7456 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO7500S-25MHz-A3.3VCMOS25.0 MHz25.0 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +85
XTAL7500A3.3, 5.0 VHCMOS1.5 MHz160.0 MHz25.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO1313-16MHz-A3.3 VCMOS16.0 MHz16.0 MHz25.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO1313-24MHz-A3.3 VCMOS24.0 MHz24.0 MHz25.0 ppm-40 to +85
XO1313-50MHz-A3.3 VCMOS50.0 MHz50.0 MHz25.0 ppm-40 to +85
PLXO5050L12.0 VSinewave3000.0 MHz12000.0 MHz0.5 ppm-40 to +85
XO3225SLD1-ET2.5 VLVDS10.0 MHz250.0 MHz50.0 ppm-40 to +125
XO3225SLP1-ET2.5 VLVPECL10.0 MHz250.0 MHz50.0 ppm-20 to +70
XO3225SLP2-ET3.3 VLVPECL10.0 MHz250.0 MHz50.0 ppm-20 to +70