• Manufacturing Process of Quartz Crystal for Oscillators

    Jun 19, 2024

    The manufacturing process of quartz crystals for oscillators is elaborated. Quartz is employed due to its piezoelectric properties. The process encompasses quartz mining and selection, with high-purity and suitable crystals being picked. Subsequently, there are stages such as initial processing to e... read more

  • Radiation effects on crystals and oscillators

    Apr 10, 2024

    Radiation, especially high-level radiation, has a significant impact on the performance of crystals and oscillators. Ionizing radiation causes atomic ionization, while non-ionizing radiation affects electronic components through heating effects. Radiation can trigger crystal displacement damage, ion... read more

  • Frequency control products and timing

    Apr 08, 2024

    Frequency control products and timing devices are crucial for the accurate and reliable operation of modern electronic equipment. Quartz crystals, oscillators, resonators, clock generators, phase locked loops (PLLs), real-time clocks (RTCs), network synchronization devices, and atomic clocks are amo... read more