LC-filter designs in production

  • July 18, 2011

Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the release of seven LC-filter designs that are currently in production for global customers.  The purpose of releasing these products to our china customers is to give them an introductory understanding of our LC-filter range of performance parameter levels.  They represent designs from 2MHz to 470 MHz for various HF to UHF mobile radio applications.

These designs represent a small sub-set of hundreds of products that have been released to production over the last 40 years of manufacturing custom LC filters LCF1000 to LCF1003 and LCF1006 represent small standard leaded and surface mount package configurations typically used in rugged mobile radio man packs.

LCF1004 and LCF1005 represent VERY LARGE custom packages capable of handling 200 Watts of power in the transmitter portion of the mobile radio equipment.

Please review these datasheets to determine which design most closely matches your LC filter requirements.  For passband requirements less than +/- 500 KHz please discuss crystal or SAW filter solutions that Dynamic Engineers can offer our customers.