OCXO Summary

  • October 01, 2012

Introduction to High Performance OCXO Product Solutions:

The wide range of high performance oven controlled oscillators offered by Dynamic Engineers illustrates the degree of commitment DEI is making to offer increasing levels of performance, smaller package volumes, and enhanced product reliability. Achievements in all three areas are a direct result of steady improvements in crystal resonator processing, a deeper understanding of the relationship between oscillator circuit and crystal behavior, and the continuous utilization of the smallest component technology for oscillator, output, regulator, and oven control circuit functions.

A summary of critical performance features is presented for DEI primary OCXO product platforms.


The OCXO3305-100MHz-A, OCXO3305-20MHz-A, and the OCXO3309 offer a typical steady-state power dissipation of 0.25 Watts, representing a 75% reduction in power as compared to traditional oven controlled models. Depending upon operating temperature each product family warms up to within frequency adjustment and stable operating point ranging from 15 to 90 seconds after power is applied to the device. Traditional technology requires as long as 300 seconds to reach thermal equilibrium and equivalent frequency stability. In addition, all three product platforms deliver outstanding phase noise and very stable overall frequency stability in package volumes that are 60% smaller than industry standard mechanical configurations with equivalent performance.

Highly Stable, Low Power Double Oven Product (DOCXO)

The OCXO3182 represents a product family offering the smallest cubic volume Double oven available in the market place. A benefit of miniature size is a corresponding 60% reduction in thermal mass and power dissipation as compared  to  traditional  designs  in  packages  that  are  2.5  times  larger.  For those applications requiring +/- 0.5 ppb to +/- 3.0 ppb frequency stability over temperature, this device operating at 10MHz is an ideal choice for the system frequency reference standard.

Lower Cost Single Oven Product Solution

The OCXO2020D11-10MHz-1 offers a reliable 10MHz reference clock packaged in a 20 x 20 x 11 mm low profile height, 10 PPB stability over temperature, good phase noise, and a superior manufacturing record of long term reliability in the field over many years.