Tech News: Choosing the Right Filter: Part 1 - Types of Filter

  • April 19, 2021

Choosing the right filter for the concerned application maybe a challenging task.  This module will provide a basic guide to the different types of filter technology to ensure the required specifications are being met.   

To start, there are four key Filter behaviors that sort them into types

- Low Pass filters allow frequencies below a given frequency to pass (to be transmitted or received) while rejecting frequencies above the given frequency.

- High Pass filters which allow frequencies above a given frequency to pass through the filter, while rejecting frequencies above the given frequency (opposite of low pass).

- Band Pass filters allow frequencies to pass between two frequencies while rejecting all others.

- Band Stop (or Band Reject) filters prevent all frequencies between two frequencies from passing while allowing all others to pass (opposite of band pass).

We will further explore additional aspects of filter technology in the next module.

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