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  • Microwave Application in Radar - Part I

    A typical radar sends out a high-power short duration microwave pulse generated by a transmitter through a beam-focusing antenna. The pulse is controlled by a pulse-forming network and begins a time sequence when it is transmitted. The pulse strikes an object or target that reflects the energy back ... read more

  • New Product Announcement: Low Phase Noise OCXO

    Dynamic Engineers has announced a state-of-the-art low phase noise oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO).  The OCXO2526AXLN-100MHz-A-V offers the following features:Frequency: 100MHzSupply Voltage: 3.3VSteady Current: 455mA TypOutput Waveform: SinewaveFrequency Stability over Operating Temp... read more

  • New Product Announcement: High Stability Low Phase Noise OCXO

    Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce our cutting-edge high stability low phase noise oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO).  The DOCXO3627C-51422-30 MHz offers the following features:High Stability: up to ±0.05 ppbLow Phase Noise: -145 dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz30 MHz Frequency12V Supply Vol... read more

  • Tech News: Fundamentals of TCXO

    The Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO), is a form of crystal oscillator used where a precision frequency source is required within a small space, low power supply, which is commonly used in large scale networks.By applying temperature compensation within the quartz crystal oscillator ... read more

  • New Product Announcement: Low G Low Phase Noise OCXO

    Dynamic Engineers has introduced a cutting-edge low G low phase noise oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO).  The OCXO2526AXLG offers the following features:Surface Mountable DesignHigh Stability vs. Temperature: up to ±20 ppbQuick Warm-up Time: up to 3 minutesLow Aging: &p... read more

  • New Product Announcement: Double Oven Ultra Precision Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator

    Dynamic Engineers has developed an all new double oven ultra precision oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO). The DOCXO5051AN-10MHz-A-V offers the following features:Ensures Time Independent Escape Sequence (TIE) of <400 ns for 24 hoursHigh stability vs. temperature (up to ±0.01 ppb)St... read more

  • Tech News: Power Consumption

    Design engineers often need to consider the power consumption of electronic devices, especially for battery operated equipment, whereby the total power consumption has to be minimized, so the battery used has sufficient life to make it practical for its intended application. In order to show wh... read more

  • Tech News: Effects of Moisture for Oscillators

    Packaging used in the manufacture of oscillators and quartz crystals can absorb moisture from the atmosphere while in storage. When these parts are subjected to the high temperatures seen during reflow soldering, the moisture in the package expands into steam and can cause micro-fractures within the... read more

  • New Product Announcement: 5.0 x 3.2 mm SMD Crystal Oscillator

    Dynamic Engineers has announced an enhanced LVDS SMD crystal oscillator (XO).The FXO5300BM-LVDS offers the following features:Low Power Supply Voltage: 3.3V, with 2.5V, 1.8V supply optionsClock Output: LVDSOutput Frequency: from 15 MHz to 2.1 GHzUltra Low Noise, Phase Jitter < 300 fs(Typical... read more

  • Tech News: Planning for Frequency Control Devices

    Planning the purchase of crystal oscillator can be a challenging task.  However, learning the basics of purchase planning of frequency control devices can help engineers to project accordingly and minimize any potential undesirable impact. When planning the purchase of crystal oscillators and t... read more