• Double Oven Ultra Precision OCXO (DOCXO5151AN01-HS)

    Feb 09 2023

    Dynamic Engineers has introduced the Ultra Precision Double Oven OCXO (DOCXO5151AN01-HS).  DOCXO5151AN01-HS offers high frequency stability, low long term aging and low phase noise, all in a compact package to suit the different communication needs.  Not sensitive for rapid changes of ambi... read more

  • New Product Announcement: Low Phase Noise OCXO

    Sep 24 2020

    Dynamic Engineers has announced a state-of-the-art low phase noise oven controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO).  The OCXO2526AXLN-100MHz-A-V offers the following features:Frequency: 100MHzSupply Voltage: 3.3VSteady Current: 455mA TypOutput Waveform: SinewaveFrequency Stability over Operating Temp... read more