What's New at Dynamic Engineers - filter

  • Tech News: Choosing the Right Filter: Part 1 - Types of Filter

    Choosing the right filter for the concerned application maybe a challenging task.  This module will provide a basic guide to the different types of filter technology to ensure the required specifications are being met.   To start, there are four key Filter behaviors that sort them int... read more

  • New Product Announcement: Bank Filter Module

    Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the release of a new line of bank filter modules with 10 Watt maximum power handling, a less than 50 microsecond switching time between channels, and a negotiable number of channels and bandwidth based on the specific customer radio architecture.The BFM

  • LC-filter designs in production

    Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the release of seven LC-filter designs that are currently in production for global customers.  The purpose of releasing these products to our china customers is to give them an introductory understanding of our LC-filter range of performance parameter l