Ultra Low Power Disciplined Oscillator

Features and Benefits

- Ultra-low power conumption: 60mW typical

- 1pps input and 1pps output for GPS synchronization

- Discipline to 1ns RMS in phase and -10-12 in frequency

- 1 second continuous phase measurement and report system

- Resolution <= 1ns

- ToD and lock time since warm-up

- User accessible memory, optional

- Holdover <1.5µSec. 24 hours

- 10MHz, 16.384MHz, HCMOS output

- RS232 digital interface

Typical Applications

- Under water sensor and network system

- Telecommunication

- Low Orbit Satellite

- Oil and Gas Exploration

- Smart Power Grid

- Test and Measurement Equipment

- Battery Powered Portable Communication System

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Product Type: Timing Module
Frequency: 10
Output Waveform: CMOS
Hold over Stability: 1.5
Operating Temperature: -40 to +85
Size: 39.1 x 34.0 x 14.0mm