OCXO | Low Phase Noise OCXO

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Supply voltage (V)

Output Type

Frequency Min (MHz)

Frequency Max (MHz)

Frequency Stability (ppb)

Operating Temperature (°C)

OCXO2526AXLN-100MHz-A-VOCXO3.3Sinewave10010050-40 to +85
DOCXO3627C-51422-30MHzOCXO12Sinewave30300.05-30 to +70
OCXO2526AXLGLow G Low Phase Noise OCXO3.3, 5, 12Sinewave, CMOS1010050-40 to +85
OCXO5151AN-10MHzLow Phase Noise OCXO12Sinewave10105-40 to +80
OCXO2525ANLG-10MHzLow Phase Noise OCXO5, 12Sinewave101010-40 to +85
OCXO5050AN-60MHz-A-VLow Phase Noise OCXO12Sinewave6060500 to +50
12Sinewave61.4461.44100-40 to +70
OCXO3317AWHigh Stability OCXO3.3, 5HCMOS, Sinewave810010-40 to +85
OCXO3628S-100MHzLow Phase Noise OCXO5Sinewave10010050-20 to +70
OCXO2526S-100MHzLow Phase Noise OCXO5Sinewave10010050-40 to +85
OCXO3627CLow Phase Noise OCXO3.3, 5, 12CMOS, Sinewave515010-40 to +85
OCXO2522CLow Phase Noise OCXO3.3, 5, 12CMOS, Sinewave515010-40 to +85
OCXO2525CLow Phase Noise OCXO3.3, 5, 12HCMOS (TTL), Sinewave515010-40 to +85
OCXO2020CLow Phase Noise OCXO3.3, 5, 12CMOS, Sinewave515010-40 to +85
OCXO2525KLN-10MHz-XLow Phase Noise OCXO12Sinewave101020-20 to +70
OCXO2525L-100MHz-LG-XXLow Phase Noise OCXO11.5Sinewave100100100 to +80
OCXO2525S-100MHz-ULN-XLow Phase Noise OCXO12Sinewave10010050-40 to +85
OCXO2525L-100MHz-D-VLow Phase Noise OCXO12Sinewave8012525-55 to +85
OCXO2525S-10MHz-A-VLow Phase Noise OCXO12Sinewave101020-40 to +85
OCXO3627L-10MHzLow Phase Noise OCXO12Sinewave10105-55 to +85
ETOCXO2020CExtreme Temperature OCXO5.0 VCMOS, Sinewave8.0 MHz30.0 MHz10.0 ppb-40 to +125
OCXO3312CLow Phase Noise OCXO3.3, 5.0 VCMOS, Sinewave8.0 MHz150.0 MHz5.0 ppb-40 to +85
OCXO2522L-10MHz-A-VLow Phase Noise OCXO12.0 VSinewave10.0 MHz10.0 MHz5.0 ppb-20 to +70