Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO)

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Frequency Min (MHz)

Frequency Max (MHz)

Output Type

Frequency Stability (ppb)

Supply voltage (V)

Operating Temperature (°C)

OCXO3308CLow Power OCXO8150CMOS, Sinewave33.3, 5.0-40 to +85
OCXO3309CLow Power OCXO8150CMOS, Sinewave53.3, 5.0-40 to +85
OCXO3306CLow Power OCXO8120CMOS503.3, 5.0-30 to +70
OCXO3311CLow Power OCXO8100HCMOS, Sinewave503.3, 5.0-30 to +70
OCXO3313CLow Power OCXO8.0 MHz150.0 MHzCMOS, Sinewave50.0 ppb3.3, 5.0 V-40 to +85
OCXO3315CLow Power OCXO8.0 MHz100.0 MHzHCMOS (TTL), Sinewave5.0 ppb3.3, 5.0 V-40 to +85
OCXO3307CLow Power OCXO8.0 MHz150.0 MHzCMOS, Sinewave3.0 ppb3.3, 5.0 V-40 to +85