OCXO | Low Power OCXO


Supply voltage (V)

Output Type

Frequency Min (MHz)

Frequency Max (MHz)

Frequency Stability (ppb)

Operating Temperature (°C)

New Series
3.3, 5HCMOS, Sine810010-40 to +85
OCXO3316C3.3, 5.0CMOS, Sine303005-55 to +85
OCXO3308C3.3, 5.0CMOS, Sine81503-40 to +85
OCXO3309C3.3, 5.0CMOS, Sine81505-40 to +85
OCXO3305C3.3, 5.0CMOS, Sine81505-40 to +85
OCXO3306C3.3, 5.0CMOS812050-30 to +70
OCXO33093.3, 5.0CMOS8100100-40 to +85
OCXO3310C3.3, 5.0CMOS81005-40 to +85
OCXO3311C3.3, 5.0CMOS810050-30 to +70
OCXO3314C3.3, 5.0CMOS81005-40 to +85
OCXO3315C3.3, 5.0CMOS, Sine810050-30 to +70
OCXO33053.3, 5.0CMOS, Sine5250100-40 to +80
OCXO3313C3.3, 5.0CMOS, Sine815050-40 to +85
OCXO3307C3.3, 5.0CMOS, Sine81503-40 to +85