Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO)

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Frequency Min (MHz)

Frequency Max (MHz)

Output Type

Frequency Stability (ppb)

Supply voltage (V)

Operating Temperature (°C)

OCXO9700SOCXO10.0 MHz40.0 MHzSinewave20.0 ppb3.3, 5.0 V-40 to +85
OCXO1490SSMD OCXO5.0 MHz40.0 MHzHCMOS30.0 ppb3.3, 5.0 V-40 to +85
OCXO2522LULN1-100MHzOCXO100.0 MHz100.0 MHzSinewave50.0 ppb12.0 V-55 to +85
OCXO2522LULN1-120MHzOCXO120.0 MHz120.0 MHzSinewave50.0 ppb12.0 V-55 to +85
OCXO914S-SMDSMD OCXO5.0 MHz40.0 MHzCMOS30.0 ppb3.3 V-40 to +85