New Product Announcement: High Stability Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator

  • May 21, 2018

Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce our oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO). The OCXO3627S employs unique design and offers excellent OCXO performance, such as ±3 ppb frequency stability*, less than ±0.5 ppb per day aging, less than 0.05 ppb/s Root-Allan variance, along with standard 10MHz frequency and 12V supply voltage, offering customers a highly manufacturable and accurate reference clock solution.

The OCXO3627S is an ideal clock reference for cellular base station, instrumentation and microwave application, where high stability is crucial in the operating environment.

For additional information on price and availability, please contact your local Dynamic Engineers sales representative or

*±3 ppb frequency stability is applicable between -30°C to +70°C operating temperature