Low Power Consumption and Fast Warm-up Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator OCXO3313C

  • January 17, 2024
  •  by Young

Dynamic Engineers has introduced the low power and fast warm-up OCXO 


The OCXO3313C is the low power and fast warm-up OCXO.

Key Features:

  • Wide frequency range: 8-150MHz
  • Low power consumption: 180mW Typ.
  • Fast warm-up time: 60s Typ.
  • High frequency stability: ±5ppb 
  • Low aging: ±0.1ppb/day 
  • Miniature size: 16x15.3x9.5mm

Why OCXO3313C Stands Out:

  1. Low power consumption: The low power consumption OCXO can be widely use in the battery powered products and greatly extend the working time of the communication product. It can also use to replace the TCXO to greatly improve the hand-held communication equipment’s precision. 
  2. Fast warm-up time: Traditional OCXO products will take more than 5 minutes to warm up, it is very hard to use in those communication products which require the system to start and response quickly. Our fast warm-up time OCXO can support the radio system to fast start and response. 
  3. Miniature size : The small size can make it more suitable for a variety of products with strict space restrictions


Ideal for products requiring low power consumption and fast warm-up such as:

1. Portable Wireless Communications

  • Hand-held communication radio
  • Hand-held receiver

2. Battery Powered Devices

  • Piggyback communication station

3. Mobile Test Equipment

  • Miniature oscilloscope
  • Hand-held signal detector

Special Launch Offer:

For a limited time, avail a special discount on bulk orders. Dive into the future of oscillators with OCXO3313C.

For additional information on price and availability, please contact your local Dynamic Engineers sales representative or Inquiry@DynamicEngineers.com