Tech News: Planning for Frequency Control Devices

  • June 19, 2020

Planning the purchase of crystal oscillator can be a challenging task.  However, learning the basics of purchase planning of frequency control devices can help engineers to project accordingly and minimize any potential undesirable impact.

When planning the purchase of crystal oscillators and timing devices, three main points should be considered:

  • Long lead time
  • Long shelf life
  • Large purchase quantity

Long Lead Time

With the increasing demand for frequency control devices, longer lead time can be expected, especially with custom designs. Part of the reasons are the aging and perfecting the frequency process being required to ensure the product meets the required specifications.

A common lead time in the frequency control industry is anywhere between 14-18 weeks. Nevertheless, the actual lead time may differ among different devices with different specifications. Be sure to contact Dynamic Engineers in advance regarding the lead time expectations.

Long Shelf Life

The typical long shelf life for timing devices allows the users to worry less about excess inventory "expiring". Frequency controlled devices will still typically work many years after purchase. This causes less risk with older products.

Despite this, some industry suppliers won't hold frequency control products that are over two years shelf life. However, a device's shelf life varies (many times up to 20 years). The end user should always test the timing or oscillator device before use.

Large Purchase Quantity

As with most other parts and products, larger purchase quantity often results in greater discounts, thus lower unit price due economies of scale, which also minimizes the impact of the longer lead time.

Indeed, if the end user has a scheduled production run requiring the frequency devices, please communicate closely with your Dynamic Engineers Sales Team regarding the scheduled production requirement.  

For additional information regarding Aging of Quartz Crystal or other RF / microwave topics, please contact your local Dynamic Engineers sales representative or