Crystal Filter

Center Frequency (Fo): 45MHz Fundamental

Passband @ -3dB: ±6 KHz min

Ripple: 1dB max

Insertion Loss: 3dB max

Stopband @ ±12.5KHz: 15dB min

Spurious: 40dB min

Ultimate Attenuation @ Fo-910KHz: 80dB min

Terminating Impedance: 670Ohms/2.0pF (CC=10pF)

Operating Temperature: -20°C to +70°C

Product Specifications

General Parameters:
Freq. (MHz): 45.0 MHz
Passband (±Khz): ±6 KHz
Ripple Max (dB): 1.0 dB
Insertion Loss (dB): 3.0 dB
Stopband (±Khz): ±12.5 KHz
Spurious: 40 dB
Impedance Zin = Zout: 670 Ohm
Temp. Range (°C): -20 to +70
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