• Key electrical parameters of VCXO and examples

    Feb 08, 2024

    Voltage-Controlled Crystal Oscillators (VCXOs) have several key specifications that define their performance. Here are some examples for a hypothetical VCXO:1. Frequency Range: 155.52 MHz – This is the nominal frequency at which the VCXO operates.2. Voltage Control Range (VCR): 0 - 3.3 V &ndas... read more

  • What kind of Crystal Oscillator use in Autopilot Automobile ?

    Dec 29, 2023

    In autopilot automobiles, crystal oscillators are used to ensure precise timing and synchronization for various electronic components and systems, such as GPS modules, sensors, and communication systems. The type of crystal oscillator used in such applications needs to be highly reliable, stable, an... read more