• What is Phase Lock PLO ?

    Feb 04, 2024

    A Phase-Locked Oscillator (PLO) is a specific application of a Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) system, primarily focused on stabilizing and controlling the frequency of an oscillator. In essence, a PLO is an oscillator whose frequency is locked to the frequency of a reference signal through a phase-locking ... read more

  • Important of crystal oscillator in modern medicine?

    Feb 02, 2024

    Crystal oscillators play a vital role in modern medicine, especially in the realms of diagnostics, treatment, and patient monitoring. Their importance lies in their ability to provide precise timing and frequency control, which is critical in various medical equipment and applications. Here are some... read more

  • What kind of crystal oscillator use in remote outdoor meter reading?

    Feb 01, 2024

    In remote outdoor meter reading, which often involves challenging environmental conditions and the need for reliable long-term performance, specific types of crystal oscillators are used. These are chosen for their stability, durability, and energy efficiency. Here are the details:1. Type of Crystal... read more

  • What kind of crystal oscillator use in Electric car EV charging station?

    Jan 31, 2024

    Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, which are pivotal in the operation and widespread adoption of electric cars, do utilize crystal oscillators, although their role might not be as direct or visible as in other electronic devices. Here's an overview of their use in EV charging stations:1. T... read more

  • What type of oscillators are used in Security Guard system ?

    Jan 30, 2024

    In security guard systems, which encompass a wide range of devices including surveillance equipment, access control panels, and communication devices, various types of oscillators can be used depending on the specific application. Here are some common types:1. Quartz Crystal Oscillators (XO): These ... read more

  • Relationships between crystal oscillators and face recognition system

    Jan 29, 2024

    In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, crystal oscillators have become a silent yet pivotal backbone in the functioning of modern devices, particularly in the realm of security through face recognition systems. The synergy between these two may not be immediately apparent, but delve a little ... read more

  • Do electronic payment system use crystal oscillators?

    Jan 26, 2024

    Yes, electronic payment systems do use crystal oscillators. These oscillators are integral components in the electronic circuits of these systems, playing a key role in ensuring reliable and secure transactions. Here's how they work and some examples:1. Why Crystal Oscillators are Used:  &n... read more

  • What kind of crystal oscillator use in school examination building ? Example monitor students will not be cheating ?

    Jan 25, 2024

    The use of crystal oscillators in a school examination building to monitor and prevent cheating is not a common application in itself. However, crystal oscillators are key components in various electronic devices that could be used for such purposes. Here are a few scenarios where crystal oscillator... read more

  • Is there any crystal or crystal oscillator in Smart door lock system ?

    Jan 24, 2024

    Yes, crystal oscillators are used in smart door locks. They play a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of these locks. Here's an overview of the type used, their function, and what makes a crystal oscillator reliable for smart door locks:1. Type of Crystal Oscillator Used:&nb... read more

  • Crystal or Crystal oscillator in Fire, smoke alarm system

    Jan 23, 2024

    Smoke and fire alarm systems can use crystal oscillators, particularly in their electronic components that require precise timing and frequency control. Here's an overview of the type of crystal or crystal oscillator used, their specifications, and how they work in these systems:1. Type of Cryst... read more