• Tech News: Microwave Application in RFID

    Dec 17 2020

    RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a common term for any combination of circuitry which utilizes RF or microwave energy to provide a means of identification. Applications include identification of people or objects. A typical system uses a microchip to store information (a serial number, for e... read more

  • New Product Announcement: Low Phase Noise Sinewave OCXO

    Dec 09 2020

    Dynamic Engineers has announced a sophisticated low phase noise Sinewave oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO).  The OCXO2020CF-100MHz-A-V offers the following features:- Frequency range: 100 MHz- Supply Voltage: 5V- Steady Current: 220mA max- Output Waveform: Sinewave- Frequency Stability ... read more

  • Tech News: Microwave Application in Mobile Phone

    Dec 03 2020

    Mobile PhoneThe basic cellular concept can best be pictured as a group of automatically switched relay stations. A populated area is divided into many small regions called cells. The cells are linked to a central location, called a mobile telephone switching office (MTSO), which coordinates all inco... read more