New Product Announcements (NPA) | Page 9

  • Software Defined Frequency XO and VCXO

    Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the availability of very LOW phase jitter XO and VCXO SDF oscillator devices.  SDF stands for software defined frequency.  Customers can now order any custom frequency clock or voltage-controlled oscillator within the design operating range of an L

  • OCXO Summary

    Introduction to High Performance OCXO Product Solutions:The wide range of high performance oven controlled oscillators offered by Dynamic Engineers illustrates the degree of commitment DEI is making to offer increasing levels of performance, smaller package volumes, and enhanced product reliability

  • Oscillator Module Summary

    Integrated Oscillator Module Designs to Support OEM Custom RequirementsIn many instances OEM’s are notified by their long time oscillator supplier that an older generation product family will be placed in an END of LIFE status within 6 to 12 months.  Even with sufficient notice OEM’s have a di

  • VCO Summary

    Introduction to High Performance VCO Product Solutions:Dynamic Engineers manufactures standard and custom voltage-controlled oscillators for a diverse range of applications such as test and measurement, SATCOM, Telecom, and digital mobile radio.  Our fully automated assembly and test systems a

  • New Product Announcement: Very Low Phase Jitter LVPECL VCXO

    Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the availability of a very LOW phase jitter VCXO family with LVPECL outputs.  Operating from a 3.3V supply, the VCXOKFTP offers a voltage-controlled crystal oscillator based on very low phase noise multiplier IC chip technology, and highly reliable HFF

  • Next Generation LVDS-LVPECL Clock Reference

    Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the release of a new generation of  LVDS / LVPECL clock oscillator reference sources with integrated phase jitter that is 10 times lower than other high performance options in the market.Customers using the new XO7500VLP platform will benefit from phase

  • Ultra-Low Noise 100 MHz OCXO Family

    Ultra-Low Noise 100MHz  OCXODynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the release of a new series of ultra low phase noise , and very stable 100MHz OCXO products packaged in a rugged 38.9 x 38.9 x 14.8 mm enclosure.  OCXO3838-100MHz-A and OCXO3838-100MHz-B offers better than +/- 100 ppb st

  • Improved Miniature OCXO Platform

    OCXO3305 Extended Frequency RangeDynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the release of an upgraded product family, the OCXO3305_Rev3. The enhanced 3305 offers an extended operating frequency range from 5MHz to 250 MHz in a very small DIP package footprint.  Revision 3 also offers stabil

  • SMD TCXO Products

    TCXO Products for a Variety of NeedsDynamic Engineers offers a variety of SMD series TCXO’s ranging from 0.28 ppm stability to 3.0 ppm  in package sizes from 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.2 mm to 9.0 x 14.0 x 5.0 mm .  All TCXO platforms can be offered as customized datasheets to satisfy special requirem

  • LC-filter designs in production

    Dynamic Engineers is pleased to announce the release of seven LC-filter designs that are currently in production for global customers.  The purpose of releasing these products to our china customers is to give them an introductory understanding of our LC-filter range of performance parameter l